Classic Carbon: A Short Story


It's 1pm on a busy Monday afternoon. You step outside your office building onto the streets and the air is brisk. The  blaring sounds of the city streets hits you immediately; trains rattling by, the laughter of students heading for lunch and the cooing of pigeons that make you wince.Then its the smell of street food that makes your mouth salivate. 

A hot dog stand must be nearby. Or maybe its the sweet smell of kettle corn that is calling your name. 

Following the scent, you trek semi-aimlessly hoping to run into something to eat. 

Maybe thats a waste of time. You pull your phone out of your coat pocket and just as your about to find a place to eat...


Kid on a bicycle nicks you from the sidewalk and you both tumble forwards to the ground. 

Disgruntled and wondering why you even bothered to buy lunch today, a woman helps pick up the kid up and his estranged mess of books, backpack, and sports gear. Finally they go on their merry way and you search frantically for your essentials: phone, keys, wallet.

Phone? A few feet away and completely unscathed, protected by my case, hallelujah.

Keys? In my pocket. 

Wallet? ... Disappeared and no where to be seen.


Well. At least I've got my phone in perfect condition. Thank you, shock absorbing TPU! For your sweet, soft, and durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane that covers all of my phone edges, lifting the screen off flat surfaces. Thank you, precious Polycarbonate, for your hard, tough outer shell, preventing damage and yet maintaining slim design. Last but not least, thank you carbon fiber pattern for staying classy.

No use in crying over spilled milk. I've got things to do and a stomach to fill. 

So... What should I eat for lunch?



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