Haaaaave You Met Tactical Titan


It's a bit of a no brainer when it comes to what we want in our phone cases, right? Protective, durable, lightweight, slim, and on top of all that, stylish. 

But a stylishness that fits your tastes and is seamless to who you are. Let's face it -- you're not your average Joe or Jane, you've got the Galaxy S7 Edge; you like a perfect combination of simplicity in design and functionality. A harmony between professionalism and personalization. 

So let me introduce you to our good pal, Tactical Titan. He gets easily mistaken for a brute and being insensitive but he's really a sweet guy with two layers of goodness. 

It must be the tough outer shell that makes him seem dense and a hard headed but you can rely on him to protect you! Born and raised with a tough Polycarbonate shell, he easily thwarts dents, dings, and is shiny with three color options: Champagne Gold, Pearl White, and Space Gray. 

His inner layer is quite a softie. He's been absorbing all the shock from falls and tosses over the years but that strong TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) has been protecting him. 

Overall he's lightweight, brings style and sophistication with him wherever he goes and especially knows how to make a way with the ladies.

So bring it on fellas. You've met your match.



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