Remember the exploding batteries of the Note 7? Well Samsung released a refurbished version called the Note FE

Fall of 2016 Samsung announced a worldwide recall of the infamous Note 7 for its "manufacturing defect in the phone's batteries that had caused some of them to generate excessive heat, resulting in fires."

Many Samsung customers were distraught because they had to return their phones despite the otherwise great quality. Well those customers who are avid Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fans are in luck!  

On July 7th, Samsung released a refurbished version called the Galaxy Note FE, which stands for Fan Edition. Only 400,000 units of the phone were released in South Korea and sources say Samsung has a possibility of overseas markets later this month. 

The new Note FE has a few upgrades, like Samsung's artificial intelligence, Bixby and the Android Nougat operating system is available on this device, selling at 699,600 (or $608 USD). 

So what do you think? Would you grab the chance to get the new Galaxy Note FE if and when it arrives to the US market? 


Pictured: Scottii Tactical Active Case in Black Onyx 



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